ABOUT Ply Point

Ply Point is situated at Pune, we are one of the leading suppliers and wholesellers of Unique furniture materials and 34 innovative interior products for your Home / Offices. Started from the year 1999, with an aim of providing the best, unique, superior interior products to you at an affordable price and Best door to door convinent service, and serving people from owing a 1 BHK Aparatment to a Penthouse and Bungalow in the State .
We Supply to all locations over Maharashtra. One of the Genuine Core Values which each employee in our company believes is Building the TRUST with you, You are reading this because you have came here with a purpose to know about our company and Mainly with a Hope that this company will provide you & show you the Best Convinent and Unique products which will fulfill your needs within your budget at low costs and receive the best service at the same time too.

Following are the highlights of our company :-

We have Introduced “HOME SERVICE tm” for the First time ever in Maharashtra, where you will convinently book an appointment from your home/office as per your suitable Timings, and receive our Senior Executive at your Door Step, thus helping you save your most PRECISIOUS ASSET….. TIME ! Get our Premium “HOME SERVICE” FREE. ( offer period which ends on 18 th May 2019 )

We have our own Exclusive & Unique Showroom and “ ONE STOP SOLUTION “ where you will be abe to view and feel all our 38+ Products under one roof and at the same time .

We showcase and serve you with Our Unique Products, Ranging from Basic to Ultra Luxury and provide huge variety & collection for every type of customers is what we admire and Showcase to our customers and clients on regular basis, We have our Mission to show you the best of exclusive and uncommon products to receive a “WOW” reaction from you which will match your budget and with that create a difference in your home and office Interiors like never before .

We have a Great Team and System based Software for all our operational activities thus giving you a smooth and very easy experience from Buying of Products - TO - Door Stop Delivery and mainly your satisfaction.

We have 20 Years of Experience in this Field , thus knowing all ways to help you SAVE YOUR MONEY by effective GENUINE suggestions and plannings.

With 11+ collaborations will help you get the TRUSTED and VERIFIED vendors from different segment needed for your interiors under one roof itself , thus saving your time by 57% .

When it comes to “ PRICE ”, “ COSTING ”, “ Your BUDGET ”, “ VALUE ” ---- We make sure and guarantee you that you will receive Better and Low rates than the market for each of our products when you deal with US, and mainly “ Never Break your trust and always provide the committed product and Add Value to your Living “.

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